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Pruvit Promoter Go Challenge Guide

by Heather Hooker

If you are in your Go Challenge follow these steps to unlock $1750 in bonuses!!

Click here for our team’s GO Challenge Tracker !! The products listed are a bit outdated but overall it’s a great INTRO, guide and tracker to use for the GO Challenge! Keto//MAX was replaced with Keto//NAT after this tracker was created.

🎯Your first goal as a Pruvit Promoter is to earn the GO PRO $250 BONUS . Click the link below for the fastest way to launch your business: https://pruvitnow.com/faststart/?wvideo=bjksjaausb

Print this to track your progress towards these goals!

Remember to check your progress daily and put a reminder in your phone right now for the last day for you to earn your GO PRO $250 BONUS.


Your own orders will not count towards the GO challenge so make sure you are ordering any additional products under your controlled customer account (hubby or bff)

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