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Pruvit Promoter Mindset Tip – Celebrate Last Month’s Wins!

by Heather Hooker

I like to take a few moments at the start of a new month and celebrate what went RIGHT in my business last month. This can be ANYTHING!

Some months this is easier to do than others, but it’s the months that it’s tougher that it is even more important to do.

I believe that what you focus on expands and that gratitude for what is going right in your business is a great way to get your mindset right for another great month.

Some examples:

• You passed your new volume goal

• Your keto community grew by X number of people

• You enrolled X new promoters

• You had X new conversations about ketones

You had X new convos about the Promoter Opportunity

Or any number of baby steps that add up to a bigger network or business growth.

I can promise that if you start doing this regularly you will see the difference in your business!

I created an Instagram story template for you to fill out and I’m going to encourage you to take 5 minutes to fill this out completely.

Send it to the promoter you enrolled with so that you can celebrate together or send it to me on Instagram Instagram.com/holisti.fit.wellness – I’d love to celebrate your WINS with you!

And remember this affirmation 👇🏻