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Pruvit Promoter Training – How to Max Out Your Ownership Pool Bonus

by Heather Hooker

The Pruvit Promoter compensation plan is hands down, the best one that I have seen in my six years in the MLM space. However, it can seem complex at first glance due to the sheer number of variables that come with building a network marketing business. Add in percentage based bonuses once you hit the second leadership tier and that’s where it starts to get really crazy!!

This post if for Pruvit Promoters on my team who have built their business to Rank 7 and above. You can LAUNCH your Pruvit Promoter business here. We have a full training for you to plug into to help you grow your business to this level. 🙂

I can’t predict what your quarterly bonus will be, but I can help you to “Control the Controllables” and focus on what will help you earn more shares. Although we can’t know down to the penny what your quarterly bonus will be – we know that focusing on these items below will help you earn more per quarter.

I created this checklist for myself to remind me what to focus on and track each month. The compensation plan for Pruvit works as a blueprint to show you exactly what to focus on daily. I think it’s best to work backwards from the comp plan to create your daily to do list for your business.

It is very easy to get caught up in Vanity Metricshow many followers, likes, or comments you get on social media – but at the end of the day – vanity metrics do not grow your business or your income. Checklists like these help me stay focused on my business + I hope that you find it helpful as well.