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Pruvit Signal Defense Cocktail Immune Boost

by Heather Hooker

One of the main reasons I left my old company and decided to partner with Pruvit is because I was so impressed with their commitment to innovation. Our scientists and doctors are not only committed to discovering new ways to biohack your body, but to help people live better lives. Because of this commitment we launch several brand new products and flavors every year and this one is needed more than ever.

A stronger immune system gives your body a better chance to fight off illness, disease and viruses like cold and flu. More white blood cells means less sick days and I don’t know about you but I really want to make the most of this trip around the sun! So you might be asking…

What Can I Take to Boost my Immune System?

Signal Defense Cocktail! Our brand new Signal Defense Cocktail is a tasty way to help build your immune system and take care of your joints. The special blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is a simple solution to help you get and stay healthy. To drink, just shake up with cold water or add to your favorite smoothie or keto//nat flavor! Easy peasy.

UPDATE: Signal Defense Cocktail is no longer available through our website but you can order it directly from me in my Ketone Shop! Click HERE to go to my KETONE SHOP and order SIGNAL DEFENSE COCKTAIL. Right now signal defense cocktail is available as a loyal customer perk! You can set up your own Pruvit loyal customer Smartship account by going to my website heatherhooker.shopketo.com and selecting smartship when adding an item to your cart. You can create a smartship account at any time.