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Rewriting the Voice that Whispers ‘You Arent Good Enough’

by Heather Hooker

UGHHHHH why are my thighs so dimply lately?

I def need a boob job

Is that a new wrinkle beside my eyes?!

That is notttt…oh my gosh – not another GRAY HAIR!!!

I wish my waist was smaller 😩


These thighs have carried me everywhere I have wanted to go – they are perfect.

I’ll never be a pinup but I’m damn proud of feeding both my babies – one for over a year! That was def badass.

If a few eye crinkles is the price to pay for laughing every single day then I’ll consider that a steal.

I’m so thankful for the silvery strands showing up in my hair. I have witnessed too many lives cut short to be anything but grateful to be here long enough to see my dark strands start to turn silver. I hope this ride lasts long enough to be completely gray!

My waist not only held both of my babies but was sliced open twice to bring them into this world. Such a small price to pay for my beautiful, amazing, hilarious children.

I’m saying PEACE OUT to that little voice in my head that whispers

‘you aren’t good enough’

I allowed that voice to sit in the drivers seat for too long without even realizing it.
And I am DONE. So if you need me, I’ll be rewriting the sound track in my head because life is too short to forget that you are 100% completely perfect exactly the way you are and if you want to make better choices and find a healthy balance it’s much more fulfilling to do so out of SELF LOVE 💗 #wevegotthis

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