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Setting Intentions for May

by Heather Hooker

Sat on the back deck this AM and wrote out my may intentions! It’s very important to do this (well everything in life really) when it feels right and the past two days I wasn’t in the headspace that I like to be in when I do this.


  • Get everyone back on our quarantine schedule (no more sleeping til lunch time!)
  • Study 45 minutes/day for Yoga Teacher Training


  • Nutrition – Start making meal plans again + order groceries every weekend
  • Body – 30 minutes of low impact exercise every single day (the cartilage behind my right knee cap is busted so I reaaaallly need to keep it low impact!)


  • Do something every single day JUST because it brings me joy or makes me feel good to do it. DO NOT feel guilty about this. #reformedtypeaclub


  • Daily acts of love language for each of my 3 humans
  • 30 minutes one on one time for each of my kids

Also fun fact, for the past 6 years I’ve also set intentions for my business and I think focusing on what I can create or give away for free has always been the secret sauce to why my business has grown so large and continues to thrive even in this economic downturn. We all have gifts to share and I think the universe rewards it when you give freely!

👉🏽The simple act of getting really clear on what you want & the smaller steps you can take DAILY towards that is such a game changer! Tag me in your intentions on Instagram @holisti.fit.wellness so we can cheer each other on! 💓

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