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Spicy Tuna Roll in a Bowl // Keto Friendly Lunch

by Heather Hooker

You guys.

This spicy tuna keto friendly sushi bowl is ridiculously simple but I’m telling you right now it has THE best flavor! It tastes almost identical to a spicy tuna roll (which happens to be one of my faves) So, if you’ve been looking for keto sushi bowl recipes and want something easy and quick, you are in luck!!

My family is a sushi family all the way and I was worried about giving up our beloved sushi dates when I decided to go keto but it has turned out that that I can fit sushi into my keto diet and still stay in ketosis.

One trick that I have picked up when ordering sushi out is to order your roll wrapped in cucumber with no rice. Every place I’ve ever ordered it like that has been able to not only accommodate my keto sushi order but has also served me delicious low carb sushi rolls!

The other thing you can do at home, and a lot more budget friendly, is to make your own keto friendly sushi bowls like this one! You could play around with the ingredients and use salmon, crab, cucumbers sliced into matchsticks or even roasted cauliflower rice as a base to your keto sushi bowl. The options are endless! Ok, but back to my favorite Keto Sushi Bowl:


1 can of tuna packed in oil

1-2 tbsp of mayo to taste

1 PERFECTLY RIPE avocado (granted this is the hard part, amrite)

Spicy Sugar Free Hot Sauce (my favorite)

Sesame Seed Blend – we love these and use them on top of baked/grilled salmon too


Combine the mayo with the tuna. I usually drain the excess oil but do whatever floats your boat here. Spread tuna-mayo mixture on one side of a bowl.

Slice up your perfect avocado and place on the other side of the bowl.

Drizzle that delicious spicy hot sauce over the top and sprinkle sesame seeds to your hearts desire on top.

See, told ya. SO simple. But this KETO SUSHI BOWL is a staple weekly lunch for me and is a perfect way to fulfill a sushi craving and still stay on track with my keto diet. If you are always looking for keto lunch ideas that are easy – you have to try this!