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The 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge is HERE!

by Heather Hooker

What if I offered a new 10 day challenge where you just fueled your body twice a day with my favorite mom fuel!?

Shake, drink, ketosis. 2x a day for 10 days. That is all.

You don’t even have to change how you eat.
No meal plans.
No grocery lists.
No changing your current activity level.

Easiest challenge ever.

This will get you feeling good and your energy up- and you will see how everything else will fall into place.

P.s This challenge comes in a variety pack and when I found out the price point at our last Pruvit event I was 😱

Who’s in for the challenge?

This is going to be amazing!! Learn more and join in here:


You do not need a coupon code to take advantage of this special offer but if it asks for a referrer code you can type in heatherhooker

Do you have to follow the keto diet for the 10- day challenge?

The answer is no! Of course we want you to feel your best, but with this challenge you just need to eat healthy and clean (nothing processed) and with the ketones you will still feel the benefits of ketosis! 🤩 If your goal is fat loss, then eating a low carb and high fat diet is the best choice.

Watch this video to learn more: https://pruvit.tv/watch/243

How is this different than anything you have tried before???

Check out this short video for the simple explanation on how it works!