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The 100 No’s Challenge

by Heather Hooker

Posting CTA’s is great. I think posting call to action’s is necessary if you are wanting to build your business on social media.


Yep, ya heard that right. Let me explain why.


A call to action post is a ‘hail mary’ – you post it and you depend of an algorithm that is completely out of your control to show it to the right people at the right time. It works, of course or I wouldn’t have created a guide for you on how to SLAY the CTA post.

But if a CTA post on social media is a hail mary toss, a direct message invite is a rocket missile – headed straight towards whatever goal you set for your own business!

In addition to posting your Call to Actions about our products and the promoter opportunity you are going to want to private message/invite 10-50 people a day to join you! Your messages can be as simple as:

Product Invite

Hey friend! Want to (reboot/10 day challenge/save $ on your ketones) with us this month?

and I think it’s also really important to send personal invites to people that you think would make great promoters! There are several promoters who have signed up with me because I sent them the simple message below and it started a convo about the promoter opportunity:

Promoter Invite

Hey girl! I think you would be great at this! Have you ever considered doing what I do?

*On Facebook and IG the more private conversations you are having the better your engagement will be when you do post to the feed. Social Media works by trying to show people what they want to see and who they have been chatting with recently is taken into consideration with that! More DM’s mean more people see your posts!! #socialmediahack


Everyone. Start with people you are already friends with. You can go down your facebook friends list, or you can send messages to people who watched your stories. If you have a facebook group send messages to everyone who joins! The goal here is to have as many conversations as possible during your “power hour


This works so well because one, its more personal! Think about this:

Are you more likely to attend a party if you see a generic social media post for the party with the time and date that says COME TO MY PARTY orrrrr are you more likely to attend a party when the host reaches out to you directly and says ‘Hi! I’m having a party and I’d really love for you to join us! Here’s the info. Will you be there?’

It’s a no brainer. In fact, there’s no way I’m attending your party unless I get a personal invite because that’s just how I am. Ha!

So remember that you are throwing one SUPER FUN PRUVIT PARTY and you have to invite everyone on your guest list to come!


The second reason why this strategy works so well is because it’s free advertising! Every invite or message that you personally send today is just advertising what you are up to, what you have to offer + how you can help that person.

For example…

You’re watching TV and a commercial for a local italian restaurant comes on. Do you spring up out of your chair and get in your car to go eat at the restaurant? No. But the next time you are craving Italian you might think ‘Oh yeah, I should try that cute little place from the commercial!’

Messages work the same way. Just because someone is not ready to go all in with Pruvit TODAY doesn’t mean that they are never ever going to want to try it.


This last tip is really for my green nerdy personalities who like numbers and checklists and strategy. What if I told you that for every 11 messages I send out I get one new customer? If you knew that about your own personal business wouldn’t you run towards getting those ten “not right nows” to get to that one new customer?

Track your conversion rates for a week and you’ll be able to dial in to the exact actions you need to take to hit your business goals. Crazy huh? And the longer you do this the better you will get at it, the faster you’ll be able to do it and your conversion rates will go sky high – trust me!

Start sending the messages and watch you business completely transform over the next 3 months!