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The Best Natural Deodorant (the One I’ve Been Using Since 2019)

by Heather Hooker

500Being a woman who likes to look good, smell good AND stay healthy can be exhausting. It’s one thing to try to make healthy choices on what you put IN your body, but I think it’s harder to make choices about what you put ON it. First of all the amount of makeups, lotions, serums, tampons, nail polish, hair care and deodorants that we use over a lifetime is much more than the amount of personal care products that men use. A lifetime of slathering ourselves with products that may or may not be good for us is a scary thought to me personally and also as a #girlmom.

It’s one of the reasons why I decided to stop using antiperspirant deodorants. While sweating is inconvenient – we don’t know the full effects of what blocking our armpit sweat glands everyday for 50 years will cause.

Most of my health decisions are based on fear – I will own that. Its what drives me to eat salads, and cook my own dinner and it’s why I’m a big fan of filling in the gaps in my diet with high quality supplements. Actually scratch that – isn’t fear what drives most of our decisions? If we didn’t worry about the future why would do things like brush our teeth, pay taxes, and go for annual check ups? Because we are afraid of the consequences, right?

There are a so many choices to make to live your best life and luckily, this is one that I’ve got figured out. Not all natural deodorants are the same. Should be obvious but I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that when I first tried to make the switch from antiperspirant/deodorant to deodorant I grabbed one by a reputable natural health company that was readily available at almost every grocery store – Tom’s of Maine. HUGE MISTAKE. I swear not only did Tom’s not help me – I swear it actually made me smell worse. It was so bad I tossed the whole deodorant in the trash and went back to Mitchum (yep, that clear deodorant that keeps you dry and fresh for days – that’s so unnatural!)

Schmidts was recommended to me by a friend and thank goodness, because what I didn’t know is that no matter what it will take your pits about 2 weeks to detox. Even so, Schmidts felt nice and although I could smell my armpits detoxing, the scent of the Schmidts deodorant made it bearable. I stuck through that 2 week detox period and my friend was right – once your armpits detox they stop smelling bad. My armpits don’t really smell bad and they don’t ever really get that wet either. That fact alone is another reason why I’m afraid to go back. Why would stopping your armpits from sweating actually make them smell worse when you stop? UGH.

I have tried several of the Schmidts varieties and something in the charcoal version irritates my skin. Although I love charcoal face masks I cannot use anything charcoal in my armpit area without getting a red, itchy rash. My favorite version is the XXXX. Overall I cannot recommend this deodorant enough to my friends who care about their health.

Healthy choices = healthy life = better life!