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The Free Product Program / How to Earn Pruvit Bucks each Month!

by Heather Hooker

How it works is pretty simple! This guide explains how the free product program works, how to get your own customer referral link to use, and how to share your links.


Pruvit’s free product program is available to both customers and promoters. The free product program is a one perk of our loyal customer program – called Smartship. You can click here to see all of the perks of setting up a Smartship.

Your new smartship account earns “Pruvit Bucks” whenever someone uses your link to set up their own smartship order of any product. One Pruvit Buck is equivalent to one dollar.

When you have TWO people enroll in smartship using your code you earn credits (Pruvit Bucks) towards your next Smartship order. 

If you have more than two people set up smartship accounts through your link you will receive the average of your 2 highest orders in the form of Pruvit Bucks.


Once you have your smartship set up you will have several website links available to use. Bookmark a few of your favorites in your phone so that you will be ready when someone asks for more information or wants to place an order.

I recommend using the Challenge link because it is one of our most popular new customer items and it explains everything for you.

You can find you challenge link to copy and paste when you log into cloud.justpruvit.com, Share, Challenge.


The very first thing I did with my own brand new referral link was to create a Smartship order for my husband with something I had been wanting to try anyway (a different flavor or product). This way, I was halfway there!

Think of two people who love and support you, who would check something out just because you recommended it and reach out to them! Share with them what made you want to try these drinks and ask them if they would be interested in doing a 10 or 20 day challenge together.

You can also share your link on social media. Facebook, Instagram and even Tiktok are great places to share your love of ketones.

It can be this simple:

Post this on your social media “Ok seriously… who on my friends list has still never tried ketones?”

When people comment you can like their comment and then reply and say ‘I’ll message you!” 

Then send them this message:

Hi Friend! I know that you are going to love this. Here is the link with all of the info : (insert your challenge link here) If you want a discount and free products make sure you pick “smartship”! 

My team loves to share PTK’s (pure therapeutic ketones) through stories so I thought I’d make a template for you to use on yours if you want to – feel free to create your own and share your before and after pics if you are willing!

THATS IT!! It really is that easy to get free products every month!! You get free products forever as long as you always have two people signed up for smartship through your link.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with this!!