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The Great Fat vs Muscle Debate!

by Heather Hooker

Being in the health and wellness industry and working with hundreds of clients over the last four years there are two things that I hear that grate on my nerves!

One is: I ONLY lost 3 pounds this week! Ugh! I quit.

Which is insanity because if you lost three pounds in a week that is healthy, sustainable weight loss rate, what you are doing in clearly working for you and you need to buckle down and keep going. NO MORE YO YO DIETING!!

The second one is when people are eating right, working out several times a week but just so dang obsessed with the scale that they can’t get past the fact that the number didn’t change EVEN THOUGH their clothes fit better, they have lost inches, they feel better, and they are literally shrinking! If the number has stayed the same but you are losing inches you are replacing muscle with fat WHICH IS AMAZING!!

So here are some pics to help you keep perspective when the scale is pissing you off 😉