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This is your sign…

by Heather Hooker

First of all – you are a total babe and you are crushing this Friday morning so far. And I hope that you have plans for the weekend that you are excited about – life is so much more fun when we have things to look forward to – no?!

If you have been feeling low energy, low motivation, eating cheetos in the pantry in secret (WHO ME) and you just need a little help to get back on track, back into the groove of making better choices and getting up off your hiney tail I have the SOLUTION!!!

This MAGIC POWDER that was introduced to me two years ago exactly is on sale. And I’m not trying to sell you on anything BUT I can tell you that deciding to try it for myself has changed my entire life. The very first day I felt more energy and I felt my cravings and my hunger disappear. I knew right away that this product was something that so many other busy women needed in their arsenal – we try to carry the weight of our families and put ourselves on the back burner so often – so I didn’t feel guilty for a second in investing in myself so that I could be a happier, more confident, more energetic wife and mom.

Plus – my husband appreciates it when I feel good in my own skin **wink wink**

So – I know YOU need this. I am so confident that it will make you feel better and help you reach your goals faster no matter if you follow a keto diet or not – that I’m wiling to offer you our 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked.


1. You do not need to follow a keto diet. This drink will give you the benefits of being in ketosis no matter what healthy diet you follow.

2. The most popular flavors overall ARE heart tart which tastes like strawberry candy and raspberry lemonade but my personal favorite is the chocolate protones and I mix it with cold brew coffee that I buy at the grocery store. #obsessed #betterthanstarbucks

3. While the energy and fat loss and appetite suppression that these ketones give you immediately IS amazing, there are really incredible brain benefits and all kinds of research that shows that the long term effects of having ketones in your body is beneficial for your brain, tumors, joints, etc. The whole reason why I’ve made health and wellness my JOB is because I truly believe that health is wealth and without out nothing else matters. We get one life and one body and we have a responsibility to our loved ones to take care of ourselves.

4. You can join my team and I will teach you how to earn your products for FREE every single month and teach you how to earn extra money for your family for only $37 a year (YES FOR REAL) Can you copy and paste? Are you coachable? Do you get excited about things that you love and want to share them? Do you have at least one hour a day to commit to growing an online business with NO limit on how much you can earn? If so – lets chat more – you know where to find me 😉

DATS IT. It really is that simple. Oh and dont forget to get the mitoplex electrolytes – trust me – you need those.



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TWO YEARS. It’s been two years since I started drinking something I didn’t understand and definitely couldn’t pronounce 🙈 In fact, I heard about it months before I decided to actually give it a try and it sounded too good to be true so I turned my nose up. But it was getting easier to hand the kids my phone and let them zone out on YouTube. It was getting harder to find any sort of motivation to check off the to do list. I had been eating plain chicken and steamed veggies and turkey bacon for years, working out almost every day – and felt awful!! I tried to go Keto on my own after I started digging into the research – waittttt ketosis gives you more energy?! It helps you sleep better too? And it will help me tap into this lower back fat that no amount of “clean eating” will get rid of? OK OK ILL TRY IT – but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it and I still had never felt ketosis. Until this. 💡 Here’s what I know for sure: I had no idea what I was designed to feel like until about an hour after a drank the first one. My picks are the chocolate protones mixed with iced coffee (that’s what I’m making here) plus Mitoplex electrolytes OR a strawberry shortcake shake with heart tart NAT + Mitoplex and Keto kreme. Actually scratch, get the Keto kreme either way. You won’t regret it and your skin will start glowing from the top shelf collagen ✨✨ Sitewide Sale happening NOW!! Heatherhookerketo.shopketo to shop – YOU WONT REGRET IT!! 🖤#linkinbio👈

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