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Upgrade Your Social Media

by Heather Hooker

1. Post More Often

Today I’m going to share some tips and tweaks with you to help you upgrade your social media accounts!

2. One Post about Pruvit Per Day

You want to make sure that you are posting 2-5 times a day because the facebook and instagram algorithms only show people so many of your posts and you want to be sure that you’re showing up in their feeds every single day.

Mention Pruvit once per day! This can be you sharing your favorite Pruvit product or talking about something you love about your Pruvit business!

3. Do Not Post the Sale Flyers Publicly

The Sales Flyers are not personal and they show the price! Ads don’t stop your scroll. If you want to promote the reboot, the 10 day challenge or a flash sale try to post a picture of you with the products or before/afters.

I think the one exception to this is in your private group in an instance where you don’t have the product and you don’t really have time to do anything else! It should be the last option though in my opinion.

4. Don’t Post About Price or Post your Website Links

If you post an invite (before and after) about the reboot or the 10 day challenge say something like ‘Drop an Emoji below’ so that you can reach out to them and explain the value that they are going to get before you send them the price. It’s important for them to understand what they are going to receive when they join you!

Also – dropping your big link can be overwhelming for people! They stop poking around and aren’t sure what to get. Make it simple for your customers by sending the the direct link to something that you think will be the best fit for them.

Another way to do this is to use the share a cart option on your pruvitnow.com website. You can add any combination of products to your cart and then scroll down to where it says ‘Share’ for a direct link you can copy and paste to your customers.

5. Post What Makes You, You

Eliminate Pruvit and think about 5 things that make you, you! This is what will make people relate to you! If you recommend a lip gloss and they buy it and love it – it helps build trust and they are more likely to trust you when you when you recommend a 10 day challenge or reboot. For example, I’m a Mom, I love animals, running, yoga, being outdoors, traveling, tacos and drinks with friends. Sharing those things helps me connect to other people with similar interests.

6. Share Your Struggles

Perfection is not relatable so don’t think that you have to be perfect on social media. Share everything – the great stuff and the hard stuff and let your followers know that they can relate to you on every level. Even when you go off plan!

7. Keep Your Social Media Clean

Make your social media pretty! Wear bright colors, throw on a bright lipstick and put a filter on all of your pics that helps brighten everything up. I like to use the Light + Airy Preset in Clean to make my iphone photos look more professional! I also use the Over app to put bright colored text on my photos to help them stand out.