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What Do You Mix Swiss Cacao With?

by Heather Hooker

You know I love Ketones!

But some of the flavors need a little bit of erm, tweaking to make them more palatable.

So, I’ve been tweaking, tinkering, and testing new recipes to make Swiss Cacao Keto Max taste delicious and I have found a winner.

Today, I’m finally sharing my favorite recipe with the chocolate flavored ketones! In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The simple recipe that will replace your morning breakfast
  • How to get into ketosis in one hour or less with this iced coffee
  • A simple way to add in healthy fats and collagen to your diet
  • And so much more!

I’m so passionate about helping people get into ketosis and these exogenous ketones were the missing piece for me – I could not have ever transitioned to a keto + hflc lifestyle without them! (I was too addicted to carbs and sugar!) 

fat burning iced coffee


Here is the recipe:

The Best Swiss Cacao Recipe aka Mermaid Tears

  • 4 oz water
  • 4 oz cold coffee – You can buy cold brew coffee in the refrigerated section of any grocery store or just stick a cup of your own coffee in the fridge for the next day. My favorite brand of cold brew coffee is this one. Make sure that it has no added sugar and check the label for net carbs.
  • Ice
  • Chocolate Flavored Ketones* – either Keto/OS Chocolate Swirl or Keto MAX Swiss Cacao – these are perfect because they have a very light chocolate taste – more like a tootsie roll that perfectly complements the coffee without overpowering the flavor!
  • Keto Kreme * – there are four flavors so far: sweet kreme, nutty ketoman, pumpkin spice and mayan mocha!

* If you need to order any of these items my referrer code is heatherhooker 🙂

Shake up in a shaker cup and drink!! It’s my favorite way to start the day – and its the drink that helped my husband lose almost 50 pounds this year!

You are going to love it!



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