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What does it mean when your body is in Ketosis?

by Heather Hooker

What does it mean when your body is in ketosis? According to Dr Google ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates.

What I know from my last several years following a low carb, ketosis lifestyle is that when your body makes the shift into ketosis you start to feel like a super human version of yourself.

Your energy goes up, you are calmer, your sleep better, you think about food less, and your skin even starts glowing. It’s science, but feels a little like magic.

There is more to ketosis than weight loss – although that is a pretty amazing “side effect” of the low carb lifestyle!

I truly believe that a reducing carbs and cutting way back on sugar is the healthier choice for most people so I wanted to share some other benefits of ketosis with you!

I remember being shocked when I first heard just how HEALTHY this diet was. Also – this list helps me make better choices LOL!! Of course I want to fit into my skinny jeans but when you add everything else on the list – its kind of a no brainer.

Which one of these benefits would you be the most excited about?!

Faster Fat Loss

Fierce Focus

More Energy

Better Sleep

Better Mood

Improved Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Reduced Insulin Levels

Following a strict keto diet is one way to experience the benefits of ketosis but you can also put your body into ketosis with ketosis nat! Click here to learn more about the ketosis nat drink that is changing lives!