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What in the World is MCT Oil?! Keto Diet – Pruvit – Ketones

by Heather Hooker

Let’s get nerdy 🤓 what in the world is MCT Oil?!

⚡️ more ketones in your body
⚡️ improved blood sugar regulation
⚡️ brain food!! improved cognition and memory
⚡️ reduce cravings
⚡️ encourage weight loss
⚡️ improve gut health + acne
⚡️ portable packets allow you to keto it up, anywhere!

⚡️ MCT//143 is the ONLY formula with phosphatidylcholine – a major component of cell membranes that helps your brain! Originally formulated by physician to help reverse the signs of Alzeimer’s in her husband, 143 means I love you. <3

Will it help you achieve your goals? Absolutely!

Dr Bill Wilson says that MCT Oil is the “cheater’s way to ketosis” because it allows you more flexibility with carbohydrates, without necessarily throwing you out of ketosis AKA perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas LOL!!!

👉🏼 Use in shakes, on salads, in soups, dressings, in coffee – odorless, tasteless oil can be added to just about anything.


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