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What is the difference between Keto OS and Keto Max?

by Heather Hooker

What is the difference between keto//os, which we, you know, we have chocolate swirl and orange dream and keto//max. And so both formulas, both formulations will give you improved control over fat loss, steady and sustained energy unlike caffeine. You’re not going to have the ups and the crashes. It’s steady energy. It’s not like a pre workout drink where you know, you’re just flooding your body with caffeine and then you crash. It’s different steady, sustained energy, increased focus and cognitive performance, appetite suppression with muscle preservation. If you do a crash diet or you, if you take some sort of over the counter pill that curbs your appetite. What can happen with those is that it can actually eat your muscle. These ketones are specifically muscle preserving, which is good. That means that you keep your curves and lose in the right spots!! Better mood, sleep, skin, digestion, supports immune function and the ketone diet in general is anti inflammatory.

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So that’s across the board. There’s really no wrong option, but the formulas are a little bit different. So I want to explain what the formulas are, what the differences are. So the, the orange, the keto os orange dream, this one has the highest calories, this is 110 calories. So it will break your fast if you do this. First thing I think anything over 100 that will break your fast. , the calories in this one come from both ketones and from healthy fats. This one has the highest appetite control and satiety or I don’t know how you say that, but anyway, this one’s going to fill you up and keep you fuller longer than any of the other formulas. the reason why it fills you up. And the reason why it has higher calories is because it has the MCT oil in it.

This is the only formula that has the mct oil in it and mct oil aids in digestion and it’s also a medi chain fatty acids. So it’s going to help you hit your fat macros, so keto os and chocolate swirl is the same formula, but it does not have the MCT oil in it. Oh wait, let me go back. Okay. So the orange, this is specifically for people who tend to skip meals, if you struggle with dips in energy or if you need that extra appetite control, that’s who this is going to help them most.

Okay. So let’s move on this one. So this is the same amount of ketones as our original formula, but it does not have the extra mct oil in it. This is going to be great for a fitness enthusiast as a pre workout drink. This is good for muscle preservation. This is good for like fasted cardio. If you want to wake up and hit on the treadmill, get on the treadmill first thing, do some cardio. First thing. This is going to help you get through that without getting so hungry. And then let’s go to the keto//max. So the keto//max, this is the most advanced formula that prove it has made of these ketones operating systems. This is the first formula that includes Pruvit’s patent pending optimized ketone salts for superior bioavailability, which basically means that it’s going to be absorbed and used faster and the effects are going to be, a little bit more accelerated. They’re also going to last a little bit longer. And this one only has 41 calories. It has no added fats, it has fermented vegetable BCAA’s, which if you don’t know what a bcaa is, that is something that is great for when your muscles are sore from working out, so this actually has fermented vegetable bcaa in it., so this is good for people who do really intense workouts.

This is formulated for everyone, but specifically for athletes, people who are really into fitness, really into working out. And , if you want more cognitive performance, you’ll be able to tap into that focus and that calm better with the Max than with the Keto//os. Please stop.

Thank you.

Okay, so that’s the differences in the two formulas. The other question that I get asked a lot is, is can you take two a day? Yeah, absolutely. You can take two a day and it actually says right here on the box, I want to show you guys,

I don’t know if you can read that, but right here it says direction dissolve one packet and 12 to 16 ounces of cold water and shake or stir vigorously novel use as one daily serving optimal performance is two servings optimal. So, you can do two Max, you can do to Keto//os, unless you can do max in the morning and the afternoon you can do, like a Keto Kreme for breakfast and then do a Keto OS in the afternoon. It doesn’t really matter. We even have this brand new Keto Kalm tea that tastes like hot chocolate. I just got it in yesterday and still waiting on the caramel apple flavor, but you could even do like a Max first thing in the morning and you could do a keto tea when you get home. So you can absolutely take two. That’s actually optimal use, and if you feel like you’re getting really hungry at night, you start to get grumpy or whatever. The results, the effects of the ketones, ketones last for three to six hours. So if you’re doing two, then you’re going to feel those effects all day long until you go to sleep.