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What is the Dirty Keto Diet? Dirty Keto Rules!

by Heather Hooker
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Don’t you think it’s weird that we label any foods dirty or clean? Almost like we should feel some sort of shame over eating certain foods that taste delicious? There are so many different versions of the low carb lifestyle that it can seem overwhelming at first, but I am confident that you can be successful and reach your goals by finding the right lifestyle for you.

Dirty Keto is a combination of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) and the keto diet. The basic premise of IIFYM is that you have a certain amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you need to eat every day to meet your own weight loss and energy goals and that you can fill up those macros with any foods that you want – as long as they FIT. This is a diet that allows you to eat with zero food restrictions as long as you eat the right amount of each macro. So yeah, if you have room for m+m’s you get to eat them and still get results!

Dirty Keto adds one additional layer to this IIFYM lifestyle and lowers the daily carb macro to 20g or less per day so that you reach the state of ketosis aka fat burning mode. One of the reasons why the Ketogenic Diet is so popular is because people love the way they feel when they are in ketosis. You will have more energy, better focus, and your body starts to burn your stored fat for fuel aka your problem areas!

The best way to set and track your macros for DIRTY KETO is to use the  Carb Manager app! I created a video tutorial that walks you through how to set up your dirty keto macros with Carb Manager here: