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Why I’m Leaving Beachbody

by Heather Hooker

why im leaving beachbody to blaze a new path

I’m feeling really nervous! I have some really important news to share and I’m actually really excited about what is happening! I feel really good about my decision and i feel really calm i feel like i need to publicly announce i feel like i need to apologize to my tribe that is who i do not want to let down The Fit Tribe is a group of amazing women and their reactions are the ones that I care about most The whole reason I have this page and my personal mission is to empower women to become physically, spiritually and financially fit i feel like that is part of my purpose and its just something htat is meant for me to be doing and that mission is not changing so my mission remains the same but im jsut choosing to do it a little differently.


So what happened was this – the company that i was affiliated with negatively affected the coaches the people who work so hard to help other people on top of being wives and moms the company started making these changes that were negatively affecting those people beachbody on demand is the best value in fitness period im still going to be a beachbody on demand customer the products are not the problem the products are good its really hte business side helping women become financially indepenedent financial independence that to me is just as inspiring as someone losing ten pounds its something that is important to me personally we are living in a time that is very unique kind of like the gold rush if you dont get in you will miss it there has been no other generation that has had the ability to dropped catalogs off at local businesses i just share my life and share


something that everyone should take advantage of, why not? so when i first started seeing heres what happens there are small changes that happen all year and the small changes are happening and when you are playing jenga and you pull


thats what i have been seeing personally happening and this is coming from i reached some of the highest ranks in the company ive attended new leader conference i was invited to go out to LA this is an insider seeing what is happening with the business side and it just is not good its not beachbody’s fault they are just too big and they had to make some changes that adversely affected my team


he thought that i was crazy why are you going to walk away from thousands of dollars a month dont you get paid whether you do something or not thats not my driving force as far as why i share and believe in themselves the messages that i get from women are worth more than any deposit in your bank account he just laughs at me and says ok do your thing.

i cant watch my team continue to struggle because they are not seeing the success that I see. my point in training people is to slingshot people i want somebody to pass me otherwise whats the point the same thing with the business i dont want them to have to figure it out on their own so that i can shorten the learning curve for other people so im doing that and im telling people this is how you do it

i cannot ask my people to work harder or work longer or work more hours this business is a side hustle for most people and i wasn’t willing to work more hours to be honest they dont nap they dont go to bed early they want to hang out with mom and they dont want mom on her phone i cant shut the door to my office and turn on a movie for my kids

and then my anxiety started getting really bad i could not look at the portion fix container system one more time i had been researching my personal energy was completely zapped they are wild and crazy and i just felt like i personally my business was fine i was falling asleep before my husband got home from work and i just couldnt and i had started to gain weight after being really consistent for three years i had started to gain between 5-7 carb cravings were out of control and i just couldnt get it together physically and im like that is not going to work that is too good to be true

so i ordered a 5 day sample and on day 2 i ordered another 5 day sample and then two days after that because i feel completely different ive lost 3 pounds in 5 or 6 days i have energy through the roof and i feel really calm


maybe this is what im supposed to do i dont know im praying about it whatever your will is ill do that whatever

starting talking to some leaders on my team and i was so scared to tell them that i just couldnt do it anymore and they were all like oh my god me too we had all been feeling the same things but it was the fact that we love each other and we were all holding on because the other person was holding on this all happened pretty quickly but i prayed over it i feel calm about it i feel really good i feel excited im getting stuff done around my house and im not losing my crap all the time and im excited about something new im excited about a new adventure!

thank you for watching, thank you for listening and thank you for being part of my tribe.